Great Plains Therapy

“Them bones, them bones… After having two knee surgeries, ankle surgery and upcoming hip surgery, I can say that Great Plains Therapy is the greatest team for a speedy recovery. They are kind, encouraging, supportive, and smile a lot when one has reached their recovery goals. Every time I return for treatment, I feel like I have also come for laughs and giggles through recovery. They are a great team! ”

SG, Vermillion

“When seeing Ruth Scott, PT, owner of Great Plains Therapy for my back, she was able to diagnose a torn rotator cuff. Ruth has treated my back and shoulder periodically for several years with remarkable success. In 2008, I became nearly confined to my recliner, and Ruth got me moving again.”

ML, Beresford

“It really helped. You are absolutely the best physical therapist, and I can’t thank you enough for all the help you provided for my shoulder. Thanks again!”

JT, Beresford

“I have been in pain for a long while. Great Plains has helped to make that pain diminish. I have been doing therapy for just two weeks and I am feeling a lot better and in less pain.”

TF, Vermillion

“I enjoyed coming to therapy and felt so much better because of it.”

SL, Yankton

“When I first started therapy, I couldn’t walk. My legs came up to my body and I couldn’t straighten them. Now, I can straighten my legs and I can walk with a walker.”

JW, Vermillion

“After treatments for cancer, I was so weak I could hardly walk. With the therapists’ encouragement, I regained my strength and am enjoying life again.”

LH, Yankton

“I had continuous back and sciatic pain that extended to my foot. After two back surgeries and an inability to take pain medication, a pain clinic recommended Great Plains Therapy. I have multiple medical problems and they worked diligently to provide me with a personal exercise program that I could tolerate. I now have much less pain and can do light housework. If I have future problems, I will return to Great Plains Therapy.”

PT, Vermillion

“I came to therapy with no energy and hurting, and I left perky and painless.”

VC, Yankton

“After trying several options for my back pain, I finally went back to my doctor. He referred me to Great Plains Therapy where the staff was friendly and helpful. After the first couple of weeks, I could feel a lot of relief. After my official plan of treatment ended, I was able to continue using their equipment on my own for a nominal fee. For the past three months, I have continued to do just that. I would recommend using the wellness option.”

LJ, Yankton

RE, South Dakota

RG, South Dakota

MB, South Dakota